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       Smells And Bangs                         

  • At Smells and Bangs Science we offer an enriching programme of  Funtastic, engaging, interactive, hands-on Science activities for children. Our programmes of activities are designed and aimed at children in KS1 and KS2  (Years 1-6). 

  • We aim to provide a broad and varied science experience by covering a variety of science topics through our programmes and may of our sessions are themed on a specific area of science most of which are linked to topics encountered in the Primary Science National Curriculum.

  • We have also incorporated the Science of Forensics and Crime Scene investigative techniques into our programmes to give a broader coverage  of scientific areas.

  • To see the topic areas covered by the Primary National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2 

  • We pride ourselves on being affordable, inclusive and strive to meet the diverse needs of local communities. 

  • Smells and Bangs Science provides fun, interactive and hand-on Science, Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation Activities and Workshops. We provide a range of Science Services for Schools, Half Term and Holiday Scheme clubs, Saturday Science, Fairs, Events and Parties. We will ensure to provide a memorable and unforgettable experience. 

  • We are based in Islington, North London and planning to expand to neighbouring boroughs and schools to extended our services. So please do get in touch.


  • Our After School and Lunch time clubs are carried out on school premises, After school Club, or Holiday Scheme club premises.

  • We provide all equipment, materials and resources.

  • We only require a room or a hall space with a table and access to power socket and sink ad tap.

Why Smells And Bangs Science?           

  • We are passionate about teaching science in a fun and engaging way and providing opportunities for all children in a multicultural diverse society

  • We are enthusiastic about what we do and together aim to make our science activities fun, inclusive, inspiring and an unforgettable and memorable experience for all children taking part.

  • Hands on engagement best form of investigative research and learning.

  • At Smells and Bangs Science we offer exciting hands- on science-based inquiry activities with many of our topic areas linked to the Primary Science National Curriculum

  • Our activities aim to encourage children to engage more with the school science curriculum

  • Our Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation activities and programmes are a fantastic way to introduce inquisitive young minds to the world of Forensics Science and Crime Scene Investigation Techniques. 

  • Our Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation specific sessions are age appropriate and aim to be informative, educational and inspiring.

  • Our Activities include hands-on practical demonstrations and encourages questioning and discussions. 

  • Our programmes and activities are engaging, inclusive and encourages collaborative team working

  • We aim to enhance and encourage children working scientifically within the Primary Curriculum

  • We believe by combining these areas of science it will allow children to find out for themselves the numerous routes science can take them and to inspire the next generation to aspire to take more of an interest in the sciences.

  • We want to nurture and develop children’s inner natural curiosity of science and the world around them.

  • We have high standards and expectations to allow every child to achieve and reach their full potential.

  • At Smells and Bangs Science it matters to us that everyone taking part in any of our Activities feels fully involved and gets the most out of the activities. For that reason, please do let us know in advance if anyone has any specific needs and where possible we will try to adapt certain activities to ensure we are inclusive and meet the needs of all taking part.

  • We want children to be proud of their achievements and progress.

  • We want to give children an opportunity to be exposed to and experience science in a fun way from an early age.

  •  Children work in small groups to build confidence, encourage, collaborative working and the development and sharing of scientific ideas.

  • We help facilitate their learning and understanding of scientific concepts. 

  • Our activities help develop children’s communication and reasoning skills

  • We encourage young people to take responsibility and ownership of their learning and behaviour

  • We help facilitate children's understanding of scientific concepts as well as teaching and and promoting  the correct use of scientific vocabulary

  • Our activities promotes and encourages questioning and discussions

  • Our programmes are engaging, inclusive and encourages collaborative team working

  • We believe in children having an opportunity to experience having fun with science whilst learning in a relaxed environment

  • Our science activities and experiments are risk assessed to ensure we are adhering to safe working practices.

  • We believe we are competitively priced

  • Our instructors / Presenters are highly qualified, having a scientific background and enhanced DBS checked.

  • We have public liability insurance

Take home

  • Some session activities will include Take home products that the children have made or an extension activity they could perform at home.

  • We provide take home session sheet re- enforcing what children have been learning. This too will provide an opportunity for children to share and communicate key concepts and specific scientific vocabulary learnt and used.

Together Making Science Fun, Inclusive, Inspiring, and an Unforgettable and Memorable Experience   

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