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Who We Are

  • Smells and Bangs Science was founded by Vicky, who is enthusiastic and passionate about teaching Science  in a Fun, Engaging and Practical hands-on way.

  • Vicky is a qualified Primary School Teacher with a love and enthusiasm for science.

  • Through her experience of teaching, she wants to bring the profile of science to the forefront by making it more accessible and inclusive to all children by inspiring children in bringing the STEM subjects to life and making it engaging for children.

  • Along with her postgraduate background degree in Chemistry and an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, she was also a former Forensic Crime Scene Examiner with the Metropolitan Police for a number of years.

  • It only seemed natural to combine all these areas together to deliver a fun, practical hands-on experience of science activities with topics which are linked the primary national curriculum science topics areas. Whilst also incorporating elements of Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation techniques.

  • Vicky believes by combining these areas of science it will allow children to find out for themselves the numerous routes science can take them and to inspire the next generation to aspire to take more of an interest in the sciences. And so, Smells and Bangs Science was created.

Vicky -Founder of Smells and Bangs Science

 "Intelligence is not the ability to store information, but to know where to find it."  Albert Einstein

About Us

  • At Smells and Bangs Science we aim to make Science Fun, Inspirational, Creative, Engaging and Aspirational for young people to be enthused about learning about Science.

  • At Smells and Bangs Science we offer an enriching programme of  Funtastic interactive hands-on Science activities for children. Our programmes of activities are designed are aimed at children in KS1 and KS2 (5-11 years).

  • Our science activities are aligned with the national curriculum primary science topics areas as well as incorporating Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation techniques to it.

  • We pride ourselves in being affordable and  inclusive and strive to meet the diverse needs of local communities. We offer after school clubs, workshops, weekend / holiday clubs and birthday parties.

  • ​Whether you are looking to plan after school clubs, science-based workshops, holiday club or themed birthday parties. We will ensure to provide a memorable and unforgettable experience. 

  • We are based in Islington, North London and willing to work with neighbouring boroughs and school to extended our services. So please do get in touch.

Children in Science Class

“Tell Me and I Forget, Teach Me and I May Remember, Involve Me and I Learn” -Benjamin Franklin

Hands on engagement best form of investigative research and learning.

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model

Inspire, Inquire, Engage


Our vision is to enthuse all who engage and take part in our science activities become even more passionate and curious about science and to use their imagination and creative side more.


Why Smells And Bangs Science?           

  • We are passionate about teaching science in a fun and engaging way and providing opportunities for all children in a multicultural diverse society

  • We are enthusiastic about what we do and together aim to make our science activities fun, inclusive, inspiring and an unforgettable and memorable experience for all children taking part.

  • At Smells and Bangs Science we offer exciting hands- on science-based inquiry activities with many of our topic areas linked to the Primary Science National Curriculum

  • Our programmes include elements of Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation techniques.

  • Our Science, Forensics, and Crime Scene Investigation activities and workshops includes hands-on practical demonstrations

  • We aim to enhance and encourage children working scientifically within the Primary Curriculum

  • We believe by combining these areas of science it will allow children to find out for themselves the numerous routes science can take them and to inspire the next generation to aspire to take more of an interest in the sciences.

  • Our programmes are engaging, inclusive and encourages collaborative team working

  • We believe in children having an opportunity to experience having fun with science whilst learning in a relaxed environment

  • Our instructors are highly qualified, a scientific background and DBS checked.

Our Mission and What We Are About

At Smells and Bangs science we believe it is important to allow children to be curious, experiment, be imaginative, collaborate together, learn through doing. To develop key skills, they can use across many disciplines. Our mission is to ensure we make science FUN, hands-on and an inspirational and enriching experience that is accessible to all. 

  • To inspire children to raise their aspiration to achieve and follow their dreams.

  • We aim to inspire young people from our inner-city and diverse multi-cultural communities to aspire to developing an interest in science

  • To enrich and enhance young children learning experience

  • To facilitate and encourage team working, collaboration through discussions and open-ended questioning is at the heart of our activities.

  • To empower the next generation of budding scientists and engineers by giving them building blocks and tools to take the next leap into science

  • To deepen their understanding and use of scientific vocabulary which enrich and compliment their learning in school

  • To enable children to be thinking critically and working scientifically.

  • To develop their scientific knowledge and understanding through the disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and maths. 

  • To enable children to be equipped with the scientific knowledge and vocabulary in a fun and practical hands-on manner, to help them understand the importance and implication of science today and in the future.

  • To develop their writing of scientific experiments and reports as well as enhancing their presentation skills

  • For children to be able to confidently say they can DO science

Red Fireworks


  • Ensuring children’s safety and a safe working environment is something we take very seriously.

  • All our science activities are taught by our enthusiastic, highly trained, qualified and enhanced DBS checked instructor with a scientific and teaching background.

  • Our science activities and experiments are risk assessed to ensure we are adhering to safe working practices.

  • Certain demonstration will only be carried out by the science instructor but allowing children to interact and engage with it. Safety precautions will be in place.

  • Safety glasses and lab coats are provided when necessary.

  • We also have public liability insurance.

  • We have COVID Risk Assessment in place to ensure stringent hygiene regime’s and socially distancing practices are followed and that are in line with governments and health and safety guidelines.


Together Making Science Fun, Inclusive, Inspiring, and an Unforgettable and Memorable Experience   

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