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“Tell Me and I Forget, Teach Me and I May Remember, Involve Me and I Learn” by ​Benjamin Franklin

 Interactive Science Shows & Assemblies, hands-on , engaging audience participation. Inspiring, fun & educational for primary schools & groups 

Schools & Groups 

  • Demonstrative, interactive engaging audience participation and hands-on science shows and workshops

  • Interactive, educational science workshops withy some opportunity for children to take home things they have made. 

  • Inspiring, educational, interactive STEAM science assembly shows

  • Lunchtime and Afterschool science enrichment extra-curricular activities and workshops

  • Science focus  day and Science week STEAM related workshops 

  • Inspiring and nurturing the love of science

  • Forensic Science (fingerprints) and Crime Scene Investigation is also incorporated into workshops activities an inspiring educational and informative way to introduce and engage young people. Providing a broad and cross curricular coverage. 

  • Workshops activities cover STEAM topic areas which enhance and encourage children working scientifically within the Primary Curriculum.

  • We are passionate about teaching science in a fun and engaging way and providing opportunities for all children in a multicultural diverse society.

  • Engage, Inspire and Empower the next generation of future scientists. 

Awesome Fun Science!


Finf out more by exploring our shows and workshops & contact us to book  or inquire about our services. 

Hands on engagement best form of investigative research and learning.

Contact us:

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or 07909233491


Inspire, engage, and nurture a love for science through interactive, fun and hands-on activities.

Together Making Science Fun, Inclusive, Inspiring, and an Unforgettable and Memorable Experience   

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