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Smells and Bangs Science




Thank you for choosing Smells and Bangs Science to provide your Birthday party entertainment, science shows, assemblies, workshops, entertainment, classes, and clubs.

We offer fun, practical hands-on science activities for children aged 6-12 years old. Our activities engage, inspire, and nurture the love of science in a hands-on and fun way. This is provided through a range of different services.

This page sets out our Term and conditions for services provided to private individuals (booking birthday parties, private events, workshops), schools, community events, fairs, and all other services that we provide.

  • When you book or register for any of our services you are automatically agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

  • We also reserve the right to change or amend our Terms and Conditions to fit the service we provide to you. Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions which are applicable at the time of your booking or registration.

  • Smells and Bangs Science is committed to protecting your privacy and we comply with the UK data protection laws.

Booking Arrangements & Registration

Interested in booking us or finding out more?

  • Complete our booking/inquiry form.

  • Schools and extended school providers: make sure to include weekday and start date for your after school and lunchtime enrichment clubs. **we encourage you to book early to secure your preferred day.

  • Please contact us via email at for more information or if you have a question.

What happens next?

​An email response / confirmation followed by a telephone conversation to ensure we have all the relevant information we need. Please do check all the details to make sure your booking information is correct. Please do not hesitate to contact again if anything needs amending.

What information do we collect?

When you make a booking through our website for many of the services we provide from Birthday parties, workshop, Events, Schools, clubs, and classes we need to know your name, e-mail address, and contact phone number. This allows us to contact you easily to discuss and confirm your booking or add you to our waiting list.

Information including such as postcodes helps us identify if you are in the area we cover.

How we use your required information?

  • send confirmation email of your booking or order.

  • Process your booking and obtain payment.

  • contact you to discuss your booking and before your event.

  • contact you urgently during the workshop, club, classes, or event in case of emergency.

  • Keeping track of our bookings

  • Get feedback & reviews as your experience and what you think matters to us and where possible improve our products and services.


  • We do not pass any of your personal information to others.



Where a workshop class has a specified age, please do check the sessions will be suitable for your child’s age.

Sessions or clubs that are drop off and pick up after please make sure you child is able to work independently or in small groups with other children should. Should parents or carers wish to stay or if your child can not work independently and requires assistance or 1-1 please do let us know so we can make sure we have room capacity to accommodate you. We want to be as inclusive as possible.


  • In the event your circumstances change, please let us know as soon as possible and if possible, we will try to accommodate you or offer an alternative date/Workshop where possible. In this instance we will consider a discretionary refund if you give us more than 7 days’ notice prior to the event, this will incur a £3 admin charge which will be deducted at the time of refund.

  • No refund can be given if you cancel within 7 days of the event.

  • NOTE: Where a workshop or class is a new or an introductory activity on a trail bases where we have had to hire a venue for a specified period and committed to that venue hire.

  • NO refund will be given once you have committed and paid for that session or group of sessions.

  • No refund will give for missed sessions.

**If for an unforeseen reason, we (Smells and Bangs Science) need to cancel a workshop or event we will aim to do this within 14 days we’ll let you know in advance. In this instance will offer an alternative date, if possible, reschedule a workshop or refund you, if necessary, a refund in this case will not incur any admin charge and will be full for deposit or services paid for.

Booking for private parties and private events:

Services booked by private individuals or organisations: Deposits will be non-refundable if you must cancel less than 14 days before your planned event. However, if circumstance were unforeseen or out of your control then a discretionary refund maybe considered.  

Dates changes where possible will be accommodated at our discretion.



  • ****Milage charge of 75p per mile for locations more than 4 miles from Tufnell Park, Islington.

  • We will consider attending venues / location outside the area we cover please speak to us and we will consider and agree a sperate round trip rate to cover the extra travel time and transport.

  • ​Hosts responsibility to make us aware of any access/parking restrictions, school streets, congestion charge and or provide parking permits as any extra charges incurred including parking metre will be billed to the host. 

  • ​Where relevant any extra charges incurred such as congestion charge, parking (if no prior arrangement made by host) will be invoiced to host.

Note: Any extra costs incurred due to parking if no prior arrangement by host will be invoiced to host too. 

Prices and Payment

All can be found on our respective website pages for the services you are interested in. Our costs are competitively priced.

**On some workshops we can offer sibling discounts (this is by workshop basis)

  • Schools and extended school providers may handle booking and registration directly. Parents and carers are responsible to directly book and pay with the school or provider and we will invoice them directly.

Accepted payment: via bank transfer (no cash, cheques or childcare vouchers accepted). Payment must be made 14 days of the date of our invoice.

**For privately booked events, parties, workshops a deposit (or full payment if workshops) of £100 would be required to secure booking and date.

Booking made directly by a school, extended school provider or holiday camps / providers, will be invoiced directly for full payment.


Extra charge of £12 per additional child above package limit


Extra’s come at an additional charge. Please do check out our science package for party bags ideas any other extras such as lab coats and safety glasses and many more (prices range from £5.00 each) CLICK HERE for more.  

​**NOTE: Our services and costs are competitively priced. We reserve the right to amend our prices from time to time to be competitively priced and in line with inflation and cost of material. However, were possible we will avoid passing on extra cost to our customers.

Childcare vouchers

  • We do not accept childcare vouchers as a form of payment.

​Late Collection:

Please make sure to arrive on time to pick up your child at the end of a workshop, class, or club. Late collection 5 minutes after the session has ended, you will be liable for additional charge £1 per minute until collection takes place. ** Also important as venue has other scheduled workshops running straight after us.

Please do let us know and make us aware of any medical concerns or allergy needs information we should be aware of for you child during registration and before they attend any workshop / clubs or classes.

Absence and illness

  • No refund will be made for missed sessions or absences.

  • Any child who is ill or infectious must be kept at home and must not attend the session.

  • Children symptomatic or suffering from any contagious virus or disease will not be allowed to attend. This include but not limited to COVID-19, hand-foot and mouth, diarrhoea, sickness and vomiting, influenza, impetigo.

  • Weekend clubs-Parents and carers, it is your responsibility to inform us if your child is unwell and therefore unable to attend a session.

  • Smells and bangs Science will NOT administer any type of medication if any child is ill or unwell, they must be kept at home.

We take photographs and or videos of our activities and participants during our workshops, classes, clubs, and birthday parties with your permission. These is valuable to us for use in publicity, leaflets, poster publication, promotional and marketing purposes and to be used on our websites and social media platforms only.

  • Please feel reassured that we would never include your child’s name or pass the photos on to anyone else therefore in either case if you give your consent or not consent in allowing us to take and use any photos or videos taken for the purposes listed. 

  • When you complete your booking / enquiry and registration form, we will require your agreement and permission to do this. Please in either case complete out Photo Permission form to inform us either way.


***Schools- please advise us of your policy on taking photographs of after School science club activities, especially if there are any safeguarding issues. We will also issue each child a printed copy of our photography permission form to take home for parents/carers to complete and return back to us. Please view this form by CLICKING HERE.

****If you do not want your child photographed or for any child protection reasons, please ensure to make us aware.


  • At Smells and Bangs Science we have Public Liability Insurance cover.

  • Our activities are provided by a fully enhanced DBS checked tutor.

Behaviour Policy

  • At Smells and Bangs Science our mission is to get children involved, engaged in loving science through practical demonstrations and hand-on inquiry activities. To ensure a safe, enjoyable, and engaging working environment it is important that all children attending any of our sessions and taking part in our programmes adhere to our rules and behaviour expectations.

  • Parents, cares, and schools are responsible for making their children aware of our behaviour code of conduct prior to our sessions starting.

  • We ensure at the beginning of every session our behaviour rules and expectations are made clear from the onset.

Personal Properties

  • We advise that children do not bring to any of our sessions any personal possessions including but not limited to mobile phone, portable games, or valuables. If they do, then they do so at their own risk.

  • Smells and Bangs Science will not be responsible or liable for the loss or damage of anyone’s personal possession or property brought into our sessions.

Together Making Science Fun, Inclusive, Inspiring, and an Unforgettable and Memorable Experience   

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