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Schools & Groups 

  • Workshops for specific Classes, particular key stage or year group,

  • Age: KKS1 & KS2 (KS1, LKS2, UKS2( (Depending on school /group requirements)

  • Fun, inspiring, hands-on, engaging and educational science workshops activities for schools and groups

  • Inspiring and nurturing the love of science with the next generation 

  • We are passionate about delivering and teaching science in a fun and engaging way and providing opportunities for all children. 

  • Sessions are delivered by a qualified teacher with a chemistry degree science background

  • Explore our range of workshops below

  • Why not follow a science show with some science workshops (For our schools & groups pricing list for shows & workshops)

  • Consider booking us for your enrichment Lunchtime & After school club

  • For all enquiries and booking contact us on or better still complete our booking and enquiry form below to book your next wcience workshop. 

***All resources, materials and equipment needed for your show or workshop are inclusive in price and we will provide these to make ensure a successful workshop day.

**Sometime (dependent on workshop activity) children get to keep what they’ve made home (session activity dependant)

Explore our workshop topics below and start planning your next science lesson / workshop event for your class, school or groups. 



  • Polymer science--Slime workshop: Learn about polymer chemistry  exploring viscosity, temperature and non-Newtonian fluids. Followed by a slime workshop activity. 
  • Acid and base Chemistry: Learn about chemical reaction and make their own bath bombs to take away.
  • Chemical dye--tie dye reaction : Learn about  solubility in a range of solvents  and using this knowledge to create some amazing tie dye experiments. 
  • Forensic Science--Forensics –Children learn how forensics science is an important scientific field in helping solve crimes and in everyday use. They get to learn how to take their own fingerprints, identify and classify patterns, and make comparisons. Then followed by small group / teamwork examining tabletop crime scene to identify the culprit from Forensic evidence left at the crime scene.
  • Introduction to chemical reactions & states of matter: Mixing a selection of chosen ingredients together that will chemically react with each other to form a new product, or act as a catalyst to speed a reaction up.  
  • Circuitry Art—Introduction to circuits: Children form a human circuit using the bodies as conductors to get a buzzer to work. Following this children get hands-on working in small groups or pairs to create a complete circuit, using copper tape and LEDs, lighting up a picture (younger children-squishy circuits -using play dough) observe flying saucers with a mini handheld Van de Graaff generator.
  •  Genetic & inheritance--4 Letters -All the Base Pairs: Learning about the building blocks of living things DNA, children learn to extract DNA (from strawberry /other fruits), learn about inheritance and children learn to create a genetic family tree to keep as well as constructing a double helix model of DNA chain / or eye colour gene bracelet to keep.
  • Engineering & construction-Balloon Buggies: Learn about Newton’s law and observe it in motion. Children get hands-on to engineer & construct their very own balloon air powered vehicle and learn about the forces of motion involved.

What we require

  •  Room or hall space with tables and chairs (To set up & participants to work from)

  • At least 20-30  minutes for setting up prior to even starting

  • And access to tap, water & sink & electrical socket

  • Please inform us of any restrictions ( Parking, congestion charge, school streets

Our prices vary slightly depending on the package/workshop type you choose. Many of our workshops include children making something to take home. See pricing list below. 


45 Minutes

Half day workshop (2.5- 3 Hours)

Interactive Demonstration Show


Hald day Plus (3.5-Hours)


Full day workshop    (4 - 4.5 Hours)


Half day workshop up to 30 children


Half day Plus -include mini show & two workshops


Full day workshop-includes show followed by 3-4 workshops



Shows & Assemblies

*Science shows for specific Classes, particular key stage or year group or whole school

*Age: KS1 & KS2 (KS1, LKS2, UKS2) or whole school (Depending on school requirements)

*How long: All shows are approximately 45-60 minutes long (allowing 15-20 minutes setting up time before hand)

Half Day Workshop session: (2.5-3-hours)

​*Morning or afternoon (working with a class size of up to 30 children) Prices start from



Half Day plus Workshop session (3-hours 30minutes)

* Mini Science show & workshop combo (include 15-20 minutes mini demonstrative show either a specific class or key stage group followed by 2 workshops approximately 90 minutes each (for up to 30 children per workshop) of engaging, hands-on, practical interactive, fun activities.

Full Day Workshop session (4-4.5 hours)

*For a full day with a show, followed by 3-4 workshops (for up to 30 children per workshop) of engaging, hands-on, practical interactive, fun activities.



  • ****Milage charge of 75p per mile for locations more than 4 miles from Tufnell Park, Islington.

  • We are will consider attending venues / location outside the area we cover please speak to us and we will consider and agree a sperate round trip rate to cover the extra travel time and transport.

  • Hosts responsibility to to make us aware of any parking restriction's, school streets, congestion charge and or provide parking permits as any extra charges incurred will be billed to the host. 

  • Where relevant any extra charges incurred such as congestion charge, parking (if no prior arrangement made by host) will be invoiced to host.


Lunchtime & After School Clubs

Our Lunchtime & After School Enrichment Science Clubs (Available in Islington, Camden, Haringey boroughs)- give amazing opportunity for children to engage with science in a fun, interactive and practical hands-on way and educational at the same time too! Provided on school premises.

Our prices range from £6.50-£10 per child per session depending on whether you do a lunchtime or after school session.

Find out more & book a class

Get in touch to Book your Science Show & Workshop with us NOW!

For booking and enquiry complete the form below or & we will be in touch with a quote. Thank you

Together Making Science Fun, Inclusive, Inspiring, and an Unforgettable and Memorable Experience   

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