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Taster Demonstration Assembly

FREE Demonstration Session​

  • We provide FREE Science demonstrations for Primary Schools interested in taking up our After School Science programmes for their students. Theses free demonstration assemblies are provided within the area that we cover. This is a 20–30-minute interactive session that can be fitted around your assembly timetable. Simply contact us by phone, email or by completing our schools enquiry form.

  • We believe by providing a free taster demonstration / session for your school and your students it will open up opportunities for children to engage with science in a way they might not have thought about before. 

  • Currently our programmes only cover Islington, however if you live in neighbouring boroughs please do get in touch as we are looking to extend our programmes and services and would be happy to discuss your requirements.

  • Interested in booking us or finding out more? please contact us.  

Next Steps and Booking Process

Free Demonstration Assembly 

  • Contact us by email, phone or fill in our enquiry form

  • Make sure to include a couple of preferred dates 

  • Contact name and details

  • We will contact you to make arrangements  for our visit.  A telephone conversation followed by a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you to ensure we have all the relevant information we need. Please do check all the details to make sure your booking information is correct. Please do not hesitate to contact (either by phone or e-mail) us immediately if anything needs amending.

  • Prior to our visit we will ensure to send you any required and relevant documentations including the instructors DBS certificate. 


  • Hassle Free

  • We provide everything

  • Hand-on Demonstration

  • STEM based Activities

  • Presenter Enhanced DBS checked

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • COVID -Safe procedures in place

On The Day

  • We will arrive 15-20 minutes before the assembly / demonstration is due to start to allow us time to set up.

  • On the day our instructor will have their DBS documentation and photo identification 

  •  Under no circumstance should our presenter be left alone with the entire audience.  This is to ensure safety as extra adult support can make controlling the very excited crowd easier and it also ensures everyone has an opportunity to observe, part-take and enjoy the demonstrations.

  • Smells and Bangs Science are happy for schools to take photographs, however please confirm this with us and the instructor first. We would also be grateful if you could send us copies and with your permission to display a select few on our website.

  • After the demonstration session there is absolutely no obligation for schools to take up our After School programme if you decide it is not for you. However, should you decide to take up our After School Programme following our visit, we would be delighted to work with you. Do take a look at some of our programmes and activities that we offer

  • We will leave printed information leaflets to the school organiser and also happy to email electronic versions which could be emailed directly to parents prior to out visit or afterwards informing them of the After School Club Programme. 

Together Making Science Fun, Inclusive, Inspiring, and an Unforgettable and Memorable Experience   

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