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Smells and Bangs Science COVID-19 Procedures

Our COVID procedures and safety measures are in line with government safety guidelines.

As a Science enrichment provider, we value our client base and your confidence, that is why we have put in place stringent procedures. As part of this we have planned and implemented COVID safe Risk Assessment                          to ensure we are following latest government health and safety guidelines.


Smells and Bangs Science is now ‘We're Good to Go’ industry certified. This symbol indicates that Smells and Bangs Science follows government COVIUD-19 guidelines and have a process in place to maintain strict hygiene, hand washing and social distancing. We have implemented necessary precautions to reassure our schools, play scheme providers and parents. All our Science activities are now ‘We’re Good to Go’ certified. You can find out more information by clicking

Smells and Bangs Science is now "We're Good to Go" COVID Certified

Book our Science Enrichment Programmes with assurance and confidence that we have taken the necessary precautions, risk assessments to ensure we are operating all our Science Activities in line with the Government guidelines and Public Health guidelines. We have a clear coronavirus Risk Assessment in place. 

“We’re Good to Go” official UK Industry Standard mark, which indicates that a business has follow Government and Industry COVID-19 guidelines and has a Risk Assessment in place and a process to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.



Together Making Science Fun, Inclusive, Inspiring, and an Unforgettable and Memorable Experience   

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