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For ages 5 - 12, Teens & Adults




Slime Workshops

  • Halloween Slime

  • Festive Slime

  • Scented Slime

  • Summer time Slime

  • Butter cream Slime

  • Puff Slime

  • Galaxy Slime

  • Fun Times


  • Workshops

  • Schools (aged 5-12)

  • Transition days -Schools

  • Inset days-Schools

  • Science Activity day

  • Birthday Party

  • Holiday camps / Workshops

  • Holiday providers

  • Half terms

  • Community

  • Fairs

  • Events

  • Private events

  • Corporate

  • Teens

  • Team bonding

  • Adults


  • Start of TERM - class bonding/ team building day

  • Induction day activity (Primary School)

  • Secondary Induction day activity (summer holidays or start of term)

  • End of term fun day workshop

  • Transition day activity, KS2-KS3 (years 6-7/8)

  • School Staff INSET day

Our slime workshops are all hands on, engaging and interactive.

 slime workshops are perfect for small to larger groups having GREAT FUN whilst learning a bit of science too. Perfect for Birthday Parties ,School Workshops too.

The slimes can be made in a range of colours with choices of added extras to enhance the texture and feel, such as foam beads, sparkly glitter, puffy soft buttery feel.

Take some time out for some well earned team bonding activity and what better way than to allow your inner childhood curiosity around scienec to be ignited again. Allow your staff team some therapeutic time to me to shut down and destress. 

We have great selection of sweet fragranced aromatic scents  to choose from. Once your slimes are made , you practice how to handle them by, rolling, twisting, creating patterns and generally having great FUN with your creation. 

All participants of our slime workshops get to create their very own slime to take away. 

Smells And Bangs Science SLIME Workshops

 Hands-on, FUN with a scented Science Twist, Stretch & Flap


All Slime lovers, crazy about slime or curious about slime or wanting an alternative entertainment idea why not choose our slime workshop for your event and learn some science along the way. Get to make make slimes with different textures, including butter-slime, floam , glitter, scented slime, with a range of colours to choose from and get to have some fun with your own personal slime. Everyone gets hands-on slime fun amd educational too.

Who for: Children, Teens & Adults

Occasion: School workshops, birthday parties, children, teens, adults, private events, fairs, drop in events, community, corporate, team building, celebrations

Where: We come to you as we are a mobile service provider and do not have a venue. -Private homes, hired hall, community space, school 

We come to you as we are a mobile service provider and do not have a venue. We can recommend some venues to you in the N19 (should that meet your needs) if you have not found or secured one already or trouble finding a venue, so please do ask.

Option for a discounted rate with venue with various hall spaces in the N19 area if you confirm a booking with us and mention us. So do ask us during your booking process.

What is included in Slime workshop sessions:

  • All resources, material and equipment needed for your workshop event.

  • Making your own slime to take away with you

  • Choice of colours, glitter, foams for texture

  • Make different textured clime, fluffy, floam, butter

  • Participate in engaging practical hands-on science activities, interactive, fun, inspiring, and educational science workshop.

What we require

  •  Room or hall space with tables and chairs (To set up & participants to work from)

  • At least 20-30  minutes for setting up prior to even starting

  • And access to tap, water & sink 

  • Please inform us of any restrictions (Parking, congestion charge, school streets


  • ****Milage charge of 75p per mile for locations more than 4 miles from Tufnell Park, Islington.

  • We are will consider attending venues / location outside the area we cover please speak to us and we will consider and agree a sperate round trip rate to cover the extra travel time and transport.

  • Hosts responsibility to to make us aware of any parking restriction's, school streets, congestion charge and or provide parking permits as any extra charges incurred will be billed to the host. 

  • Where relevant any extra charges incurred such as congestion charge, parking (if no prior arrangement made by host) will be invoiced to host.


Price start from £150 and depend on several factors.

  • Choose how long for 

  • Number of people taking part in the workshop

  • Where you are – event location.

  • Any added extras

  • Bespoke package

Price list is shown below, whatever you are looking for best to complete our booking and enquiry form below and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote. 

  • ***For large events, community, with drop-in sessions, please contact us to get a quote that fits in with your event

How many people

1-hour (60 mins)
Medium & Small

Up to 5 Children

1-hour 15 min (75 mins)
Large & Small

5-10 Children
10-15 Children
15+ Children
£180+ £12 per additional child
Up to 25 Coporate
£225+ £12 per additional child
Additional Child

1-hour 30 min (90 mins)
Medium & Medium

£260+£12 per additional child
Large evenets, Community, drop in sessions, please contact us to get a quotethat fits in with your event.

***All resources, materials and equipment needed for your workshop event are inclusive in price and will be provided.

Get in touch to Book your Slime Workshop with us NOW!

For booking and enquiry complete the form below & we will be in touch with a quote. Thank you

Together Making Science Fun, Inclusive, Inspiring, and an Unforgettable and Memorable Experience   

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