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Attention to Detail

Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation Workshop


Every Contact Leaves a Trace

Team Work

Methodical Approach

 Science, Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation Experience  Workshops Key Points

  • Our Workshop Experience range from a choice of Three Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation sessions.

  • During the course of the workshop participants will utilise their attention to detail, working methodically,  investigate, preserve, retrieve, examine and analyse forensic evidence to help solve the crime. Collaboration, communication and teamwork are an essential  aspect.  

  • Our Forensic and Crime Scene Investigation Programmes are age appropriate and aim to be FUN, informative, educational and inspiring.

  • All participants will be awarded a certificate at the end of the Workshop. They also get to keep the full crime scene investigation PPE. All inclusive in the price.

  • We are affordable and competitively priced.  PLEASE CONTACT US FOR OUR FULL PRICE LIST.

  • We require classrooms or hall space for workshops.

  • All our price includes all equipment, materials and resources, our time and travel costs.

Two Hour Forensic Session

  • Two-Hour Session introduce students to Forensic Science and Fingerprinting Techniques.

  • Students take and classify their own fingerprint using a classification pattern chart, which they get to take home. 

  • This is available for a class of 15- 30 students or a whole year group (60 children). However, if you require this particular workshop for each year group we are happy to fit it in a full day and work around your school timetable to fit in each year group.  We are happy to discuss your requirements.

  • The Two-Hour Session is suitable for KS1 and KS2 (Year 1-6) students but can also be adapted for Reception children.

Half Day Forensic Session

  • Our Half Day Sessions introduce students to Forensic Science, Crime scene Investigation and Fingerprinting Techniques.

  • Students dust for fingerprints and they get to take and classify their own fingerprints, which they get to take home

  • They learn about other Forensic evidence and techniques used to retrieve them from a Crime Scene to help with identification

  • They get to examine a Mock Crime Scene to identify Who Dun it.

  • Mock Crime Scene Investigation

  • This is available for a class of 15- 30 students

  • The Half Day Experience is suitable for KS2 (Year 3-6) students, but can be adapted for KS1 (Year 1-2) students. 

Analytical Skills

Full Day Forensic Session

Methodical Approach

Morning- Mock Crime Scene Investigation

  • The Full Day Session will incorporate the Half Day experience for the morning session

Afternoon- Staged Courtroom Scene

  • An afternoon session enables students / participants experiencing a stage courtroom scene, where they get to take on various roles such as judge, jury, crime scene investigator, Expert fingerprint scientist, barrister and defence.

  • Students get to present their evidence in role.

  • Enabling students / participants them to think about the strength and importance of forensic evidence from a crime scene and the role of the judicial system.

  • The Full Day Experience is suitable for upper KS2 (Year 4-6) students

Forensic & CSI

Attention to Detail


Together Making Science Fun, Inclusive, Inspiring, and an Unforgettable and Memorable Experience   

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